Doxolve, a division of Universal Information Technologies (UIT), today formally launched its locally developed total electronic document and data management solution, which has already been installed operationally at many customer sites.

Doxolve has been developed in C# and runs on Microsoft’s .NET framework, which is Microsoft’s platform for building applications that have seamless and secure communication, as well as the ability to model a range of business processes. Microsoft SQL also offers a trusted scalable platform, as well as a comprehensive, integrated data management platform that enables Doxolve to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business processes.

The product is feature-rich and includes, for instance, full text indexing; an easy interface for browsing and managing files and access to files within the document store; integration with Microsoft Office; a dynamic design capability that gives the freedom to add, remove and edit structures on the fly; the provision of multiple document and folder summaries; and the recognition of any bar code for easy indexing, sorting and other advanced searching capabilities.

“Doxolve is unique in that it handles paper and electronic documents in the same logical way,” commented Pieter du Plooy, founder and director of UIT, “and we preserve everything in its original form so that we can undertake the requisite discover processes, should that ever be necessary.

“From the work that we have already undertaken, we have developed a number of templates that can be used for specific vertical markets,” continued Du Plooy. “Obviously, these help to ensure that installations ‘go live’ in the shortest possible time.

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