Our Teams use the agile development methodology to minimize risk (such as bugs, cost overruns, and changing requirements) when adding new functionality. In all agile methods, teams develop the software in iterations that contain mini increments of the new functionality.

The primary benefit of agile software development is that it allows software to be released in iterations. Iterative releases improve efficiency by allowing teams to find and fix defects and align expectation early on. They also allow users to realize software benefits earlier, with frequent incremental improvements.

Customers find that the vendor is more responsive to development requests. High value features are developed and delivered more quickly with short cycles, than with the longer cycles favored by classic “waterfall” processes.

Are you ready to be actively involved in decision making on a daily basis? If yes, you can assume the role of a Product Owner and go for Agile. Being able to influence development directly at any stage will translate into quality. Consider if you are ready to assume this role and get a new hands on experience.

You can read more details on our development approach here: Custom Software Development Projects - Approach Methodology

We used the following technologies with this project:
C# - .NET 5.0 - Vue.js - Microsoft SQL

Accicare - E-RAF Medical Administration and Management System


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident, you have the right to receive private medical treatment through the Road Accident Fund.

All drivers and pedestrians, who can provide proof that they weren’t responsible for the accident, qualify for private medical treatment at no cost to the victim. All passengers qualify for private medical treatment at no cost to them.

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