In the IT world, “hybrid” generally refers to the configuration of two or more otherwise disparate technologies to create a single, unified solution. In the case of Office 365, an organization can integrate cloud services like SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, and Exchange Online with their on-premises counterparts to create officially supported “Microsoft Hybrid” solutions (note the formalized capital H).

Active Directory Domain Services, Exchange Server, and Outlook client have been the bread and butter of Microsoft’s business productivity suite for two decades. Because of this, the first step for most Office 365 onboarding projects is migrating identities and mail. when one refers to “hybrid migration”, they are referring to a specific, by-the-book deployment of Exchange Hybrid. When deployed correctly, Exchange Hybrid provides a path for migrating mail objects to Office 365 with zero downtime and the least user impact of all migration options.

HVAC Installations


Our main activity is the installation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

Ancillary installations such as compressed air, process cooling, cold and freezer rooms are also undertaken.

We have had extensive experience in specialised installations such as the numerous hospitals we have completed (twelve to date), which have included close temperature and humidity control operating theatres, with chilled water or DX cooling source, laminar flow systems, stringent filtration requirements, live steam or electrical humidification.