In an unending list of online scams, few are as infamous as email phishing, with phishing coming out as the largest online attacking method in 2021 (IBM Corporation 2021: 17). The essence of phishing is any criminal attempt to obtain a person’s sensitive information. More often than not, this is done by impersonating legitimate companies, organisations or people. IBM Corporation (2021: 20) reported that massive brands like Google and Microsoft were the most imitated brands. The information extraction mechanism usually occurs through an attached link or a request to reply with your sensitive information.


UIT recommends ignoring all emails from unexpected senders to avoid falling victim to email phishing. Furthermore, if you receive an email that seems to be from a company you are registered at or affiliated with, consider browsing the website itself instead of using the email link. Ensure the site you are entering information is secured with its URL beginning with “https”.