Universal Information Technologies (UIT) has an impressive record of constant quality server hosting. UIT currently provides its clients with multiple types of quality server hosting solutions. These include Website hosting, web application hosting, Domain email hosting, and cloud server hosting. This means UIT smoothly hosts all manners of websites and web applications. The same goes for UIT’s cloud server hosting. Furthermore, UIT hosts domain emails like POP, IMAP, MS Exchange, and MS Exchange Online without any hassle or fuss.


Similarly, UIT provides different services relating to server hosting. Firstly, UIT provides domain registration and domain hosting. UIT also provides preemptive monitoring and log analysis that provides a proactive approach to server hosting. As mentioned previously UIT has a longstanding quality assurance record that ensures customer satisfaction with the often-irritating process of dedicated server hosting. To enquire about all of these services and solutions please feel free to contact UIT at letstalk@uit.co.za.