In today’s fast-paced working environment we always need to access our emails and important files on the go from almost anywhere and from any available device. With the correct cloud solutions, like implementing a tool such as Office 365, can make this possible.

Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, will provide an application to compile and edit those important documents, manage budgeting, financial reports, spreadsheets etc. and an application that allows you to compile those professional-looking slides for business presentations.

Having Outlook installed on your devices and your emails hosted on Exchange Online, syncing emails and calendars between all your devices will ensure you never miss an important email or meeting.

Teams is an excellent collaborative application to schedule those important video conferencing meetings, easily store, access, and share files all linked to your OneDrive cloud storage. UIT is a registered CSP (Cloud Service Provider) and solutions provider. UIT offers Software as a service, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Private and Public cloud to all our customers. We at UIT have migrated to Office 365 and it’s safe to say we understand the cloud!