Universal Information Technologies (UIT), with its track record of excellent IT support, provides 3 agreement methods for our services to businesses. The nature of these contracting methods is of key importance as they determine how effective UIT can fulfill its functions and how flexible we can be to assist with any and all IT problems. The first agreement method for IT support is Ad-Hoc. This agreement would task UIT with a very clearly stipulated task and purpose. Unfortunately, this does not leave room for UIT to step in if our IT support services are needed outside the stipulated project/task.


Alternatively, a retainer agreement is a long-term agreement that, as the name applies, retains the ongoing IT support services that we can provide for a broader range of issues. This allows the flexibility and resources to effectively deal with and manage any unforeseen IT-related issues (as stipulated in the agreement). Similarly, a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between UIT and a business that lays out the metrics by which a service is measured and whether the expected service was met. This makes an SLA or retainer agreement much more attractive if your business needs constant IT support. For more information on our IT support options, contact us at letstalk@uit.co.za.