From nationwide to international business branches, secure connections between these branches are crucial to ensuring a smooth flow of operations. So what are the facilitation technologies that allow for such an extensive connectivity range? These include Fibre and LTE, facilitating data transportation from branch to branch. However, their impressive effectiveness comes with the risk of insecure connectivity between branches. The Government of the UK reported a frightening statistic. Their 2021 survey found that four in ten businesses (39%), reported experiencing a cyber attack or security breach (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport 2021).


Accordingly, this leaves the critical need for solutions that provide secure connections and up-to-date cyber protection. The first is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows for connections through an encrypted server and helps to hide your Identity online. The second of these solutions would be a strong firewall. A firewall serves as a protective barrier against cyber attacks by blocking unwanted and malicious network traffic. Both solutions should be utilised to secure business branches’ connections and smooth operations. For more info on how Universal Information Technologies can help find you the perfect secure connection solutions, feel free to contact us at



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