IT technician working over phone

Remote IT support

Remote IT support has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses of all sizes with its unmatched ease of implementation.

IT support In South Africa

UIT being Gauteng based, can provide this reliable IT support to all of Gauteng and further!

IT support in South Africa and its use

IT support is a critical function in current South Africa’s technology-driven world. South African businesses rely on IT systems to keep their operations running smoothly, and when something goes wrong, it can be a major headache.

SLA, retainer or Ad-Hoc IT support?

The choice of agreement method for UIT IT support is of key importance as it determines how effectively UIT can help you with all your IT-related issues.

uit x lenovo

Universal Information Technologies is a Lenovo Silver Partner

UIT is officially a Lenovo Silver Partner and can fulfill your every Lenovo product need. The product range seems limitless from work laptops to smart office products.